Christopher the Anadote True Spade a hip hop story about the simple life of being young (by Chris Heisler)


A story of me telling someone younger from my experience some things i would do different if he/she were to have the same dream……

I guess you could say this cat is from a little of everywhere in central through western canada and has always been writing songs amongst the struggles… After years of music school and the hype of graduation wearing off he skipped around to places that he always wanted to see to grow and be inspired writing songs as the inspiration came…. Always a songwriter but working towards being a better musician picking up some ability to play the keys now has givin him a chance to be a producer and emphasize some of the music theory picked up from school… With 14 years of songwriting experience and a melodic touch Chris-topher now pushes to make music you can feel and relate to… Songs and melodies that you can latch on to with words that are poetic and heartfelt… Making now hip hop with a more musical twist he looks to inspire and be inspired and pushes to make a difference through music by any means necessary… If your looking for the newest synths and freshest club bangers then this music might not be up your alley but if you are after something that focuses on a poetic meaningful message, a good melody and a smooth arrangement then look no further…. Album coming soon… summer 2012!